From the farmyard to the schoolyard!


If the students can’t go to the farm for their excursion, the farm will come to the students

Kindergarten students from St Patrick’s Primary Guildford were overjoyed when Kindifarm visited the school as part of their learning about living things.

Visiting a farm is a very popular excursion for younger students. Though many excursions have been cancelled this year due to COVID-19, St Patrick’s Primary Guildford Principal Steven Jones was thrilled to be able to bring this memorable learning opportunity to little learners onsite.

The hands-on experience allowed the students to get up close with a range of different farm animals- in some cases for the first time! The animals included baby chicks, rabbits, guinea pigs, goats, cows and sheep.

Kindergarten teacher Tasmin Higgins said it was a fantastic opportunity for the students to have.

“The students have been exploring how living things meet our needs as well as how we can help meet their needs,” Tasmin said. “This allowed the students to have a hands-on experience exploring and learning about how we handle and care for animals to meet their needs.”

Have a look through this beautiful gallery of photos to see the excitement and joy on the students' faces as they learnt more about caring for animals.

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