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Catholic systemic schools aim to keep their fees as low as possible and can provide flexible payment arrangements for families. Students who meet the enrolment criteria will not be refused enrolment because of a family’s genuine inability to afford school fees. Schools are able to reduce or waive fees for families suffering financial hardship.

There are three levels of annual fees, billed in instalments during Terms 1, 2 and 3:

  • Annual Diocesan Tuition Fees set by the Catholic Education Office
  • Diocesan Building Levy set by the Catholic Education Office
  • School-based fees

There are very significant discounts for the second (25% reduction) and third (50% reduction) children enrolled from the one family. There are no fees for the fourth and subsequent school children.

Annual Diocesan Tuition Fees

The 2018 Annual Diocesan Tuition Fees are as follows:

Annual Diocesan Tuition Fees made as one instalment
Per Annum per Student 2018 1st child

2nd child
(25% discount)
3rd child
(50% discount)
Primary Kindergarten $1173 $879 $588
  Years 1 - 6 $1515 $1137 $759

The 2018 term rate for each of the first three terms is as follows:

Annual Diocesan Tuition Fees made as three equal  instalments
(during the first three terms of the year)
Per Term per Student 2018 1st child 2nd child 3rd child
Primary Kindergarten $391 $293 $196
  Years 1 - 6 $505 $379 $253

Diocesan Building Levy

The Diocesan Building Levy enables us, through our capital works program, to meet the demand for new schools and new classes in high growth areas, and to continue to maintain all schools to a high standard.

All families with one or more children in a Parramatta Diocesan school or at St Dominic's College Kingswood are required to pay the annual Diocese of Parramatta Diocesan Building Levy. This levy has replaced the various building levies that parents previously paid to school building funds (managed by either parishes or schools). The levy for 2017 is $783 per family, payable in three equal instalments of $261 payable in Terms 1, 2 and 3.

2018 School-Based Fees

The applicable school-based fees are charged per student per year. These include:

  • A Resource Fee applies to all children. This fee covers copyright fees, paper, exercise books, printing costs, art material. 
  • Swimming Program  Years K - 2  $120
  • Dance/Gymnastics  Years K - 6 $36
  • Canberra  Year 6 $225

School Fee Accounts

A Statement of Account is distributed at the beginning of the first three terms and is payable within 30 days.

Flexible Payment Options

Flexible payment options are offered to all families. This provides you with the opportunity to select a payment method and plan that best suits your circumstances. School fee payment methods include cash, cheque, direct debit, credit card, EFTPOS, BPay, Australia Post BPay and deductions from Centrelink payments. Payments can also be made on a weekly, fortnightly or monthly basis at no additional charge and by arrangement with the School Finance Officer.

Outstanding Fees

A reminder notice for outstanding fees will be sent 30 days from the date of the original statement. However, if you encounter unexpected changes to your financial circumstances that may make it difficult to pay your fees on time, please make an immediate appointment with the Principal, who will respond to your situation with care and confidentiality. You may also need to bring supporting documents to show your financial situation.

Further Queries

Contact the school office for further details regarding fees and making payments.



A scholarship fund has also been established to provide scholarships to eligible students. Catholic systemic school scholarships will be granted equitably based on need and merit. Contact the school to learn more.


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You can contact St Patrick’s Primary, Guildford by using the email form below or call 8728 7300 weekdays between 8:30 am and 3:30 pm.

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Contact Us

  • You can contact St Patrick’s Primary, Guildford by using the email form below or call 8728 7300 weekdays between 8:30 am and 3:30 pm.

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