St Patrick’s call to make a difference!


(St Patrick’s Primary, Guildford introduce their PBS4L mascot Paddy to the students for the first time!)

The community of St Patrick’s Primary, Guildford have been “Called to Make a Difference” and that is exactly what they are setting out to do.

Recently, the school launched its Positive Behaviour Support for Learning (PBS4L) framework with student wellbeing a strong focus.

St Patrick’s Head of Wellbeing Michele Reincastle said they want their launch to be a celebration of what they are achieving together by providing opportunities for students to show kindness, respect and saying ‘no to bullying’.

“We also saw this as the perfect opportunity to introduce our PBS4L mascot Paddy to the school community who will help the students to practise our key behaviour expectations of being safe, respectful, learners,’’ Mrs Reincastle said.

During the special assembly, Principal Steven Jones encouraged the students to make a difference so the school can be a better place for everyone. “Sometimes we may go a bit off track...but it is important to get back on track because we all make mistakes’’, Mr Jones said.


(St Patrick’s Principal Steven Jones encourages the students, “they can make a difference to make the school a better place for everyone”)

Paddy was most certainly the star of the launch and was greeted with a huge applause. Paddy will motivate the students to abide by the school’s rules and in turn students may be rewarded with a Shamrock sticker. The school will use a passport recognition system that incorporates awards and stickers.

Research shows that schools implementing the PBS4L framework not only improve their social and academic outcomes, but also the culture of the school becomes much more positive and inclusive. Good work St Patrick’s Primary, Guildford!