Religious Education

At St Patrick's we believe that Religious Education should foster understanding of the teachings of the Gospel, the nature of Christianity and the way Catholics are called to live their lives within the Catholic tradition.

Religious Education at St Patrick's follows the Religious Education Curriculum of the Diocese of Parramatta. The major concepts studied are God, Jesus, Church, Sacraments, Scripture, Christian Life and Prayer. Learning in one Stage builds on the learning in previous Stages of schooling. Because students are prepared for the Sacraments at the school, RE units in Years 2, 3 and 5 are modified to include the instruction and preparation for the Sacraments of Penance, Eucharist and Confirmation.

Liturgical Life

St Patrick's Primary is proud to have a very active liturgical life. Feast days, holy days and special events (e.g. Grandparents Day) are celebrated with whole school Masses.

The Ash Wednesday Mass brings together past pupils attending local high schools, parents and present students. Classes are regularly rostered to prepare Masses held on Wednesday mornings. Students lead the singing to bring joy to each celebration of the Eucharist. Reconciliation is offered to each class, from Years 2 to 6, on a rostered basis each week.

The staff gathers each Tuesday morning to pray and share their spirituality. Parents join staff and children in prayer at Monday assemblies and special occasions, where the needs of the school and wider community are brought to heart and mind.

Social Justice

Students and staff of St Patrick's Primary are aware of the injustices in our world. Students generously donate money to Project Compassion, Caritas Australia, Catholic Children's Mission and the Parish Manning Foundation. The school staff also gives donations to various charities throughout the year.

Students have various opportunities to also raise awareness of other needs and organise fundraising for them.

Promoting Faith

Parents are invited to renew their understanding of the Sacraments through being involved in the formation sessions with the school staff and parish priest in order to assist students in Sacramental prepration.

Students take part in various religious experiences which help their understanding of church traditions. During Holy Week, children prepare and celebrate the Easter Story. Parents are always present to experience the faith-filled moments of their children.

During times of sadness, such as serious illness or tragedy, prayer reflections lead children to express their faith in God's mercy and love.

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