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St Patrick's Primary is a Catholic coeducational school founded over 100 years ago. We exist to teach and experience the beliefs and values of the Catholic faith. We aim to provide children with many opportunities to know God's love and to nurture their faith in prayer, celebration, belonging and community.

In living out the values of Christ, our school celebrates the uniqueness of each person within a diverse community. This is reflected in the way our community is taught and encouraged to respect the dignity of each member of our school.

St Patrick's Primary is an engaged learning community where providing a holistic education is our goal. We are committed to providing each student with a learning environment that is comprehensive, inclusive and challenging. Located in Guildford, we are a multicultural school which seeks to live out the values of Christ in a caring and supportive environment.

Making a difference

The St Patrick's school community is intent on making a real difference in our world. In the spirit of our school motto, Virtue and Honour, we work in partnership to develop strong relationships, learn well, pray together and reach out to those in need.

Students and staff of St Patrick's Primary are aware of the injustices in our world. We give generously to ministries and charities such as Caritas Australia's Project Compassion, the St Vincent de Paul Society and Catholic Mission's work with children, to make a real difference in the lives of the marginalised and outcast.

A 21st Century learning environment

St Patrick's is focused on developing in our students, strengths such as strong communication, collaboration, creativity, and critical thinking - all skills that students need now and in the future. We work with each child to find out what interests him or her and show them how to become the best learner they can be.

St Patrick's students are taught to solve real-world problems and take responsibility for one's own learning. We encourage students to work in teams and independently, and to use a range of technologies in flexible learning spaces, to maximise their learning.

Learning at St Patrick's is purposeful, engaging and aimed at becoming a lifelong pursuit.

A variety of extracurricular activities

Students at St Patrick's Primary are provided with a wide range of activities that allow them to develop as young people with a range of interests and abilities.

These activities include academic, extracurricular and sporting activities which are supported by committed staff who believe in the importance of educating the whole person. The interests and talents of students are nurtured in a wide variety of activities. Some of these include:

  • Recorder Group
  • School Choir
  • Senior Girl's Choir
  • Dance Fever
  • Touch Football
  • Netball
  • Soccer
  • Gymnastics
  • Sporting Carnivals