Our Story

St Patrick's Guildford opened in 1910 with 50 pupils, originally sharing a church building with the local community.

St Patrick's has a rich history behind its faith and learning. Learn more about our origins as well as now and into the future below.

In the Beginning

In the early 1900s, the people of Guildford realised they needed a Catholic parish and school to accommodate the growth of the area, and so on 2 April 1910, the community celebrated the opening of a new church building.

In October 1910, the building began to serve a dual purpose when the Sisters of St Joseph started to use it as a school room. The initial enrolment of students in 1910 was 50 pupils.

The Sisters of St Joseph rented a cottage in Guildford Road to be closer to the church/school building. Every Friday the school room would be transformed back into a church and vice-versa on Monday mornings.

In 1935 the old church was moved to accommodate a new one, and a convent was built for the Sisters of St Joseph. A presbytery beside the church was completed by 1940. The school continued to grow and over time many more buildings and facilities were added to both the school and the church.

Now & Into the Future

Now the 21st Century and well into our school's second century, St Patrick's is a multicultural school catering for the needs of its many students.

It is now a three-stream school (K-6) with an enrolment of almost 600 students, and over 40 teaching and non-teaching staff. An extensive building program in recent years has given the school a mix of well-maintained older buildings as well as well-appointed modern buildings and teaching facilities.